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I'm Roy. thanks for visiting The Fry Brothers site. Let me see now!!! What can I say about myself.


Just love music and everything about it. If it sound brilliant and intrigues my  mind, then that's music candy for my inquisitive ear.  I've never worried about the genres side of music, because I don't want to miss out on anything that is  brilliant and I can learn from . I have always been interested in how they create different sounds in audio productions, from Hit albums to block buster movies.


So for me, it was a natural progression to go from a performer to getting an Audio Engineering Degree. The best thing about it, is I never stop learning about the arts.

Once again, thanks for dropping by.


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My Story

Well my story is pretty simple. Been singing & playing guitar with my twin brother since we were 10yrs old. Dad Fry taught us at the being and we cut our roots in a Country & Western club in Ballarat Victoria Australia. 

I have tried all different genres from Country to Hard Rock through to Bluegrass and constantly refining our skills and craft. Over the  yrs I've working with 5 piece bands to now a duo, writing and creating as much as possible.   

So, I've been performing with my brother in arms for along long time. It's a passion I could never ever stop doing. I enjoy the challenges of creativity and the passion of the art. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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